Saturdays 2015


 26th Sept:   2pm - 3pm

  31st Oct:  2pm - 3pm

  21st Nov:   2pm - 3pm

The Rossetti Hall, 38 New Pond Road,

Holmer Green, Bucks HP15 6SU

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I also offer group laughter

for corporate events, schools,

charities and organisations

as well as one to one sessions.

Clients include NHS Chiltern CCG,

Amersham Carers, Burnham Carers,

Bucks Mind, GE Healthcare,

Burnham Library, Carers Bucks,

Johnson & Johnson, Upfront,

Beaconsfield Carers, Fab Friends

Network and Braziers Park, Oxford

Please contact me  for details. 


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 Laughing Together is Fun!

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Laughter Chills Me Out

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Welcome Laughter Friends

This is our film of Bucks Laughing Club - a special session with the students of Bucks New University - compliments of the film and television students at the Uni. What a great job and they received a First - hooray! The names of the students who created the film and their photo is on my What? page.

Well that's what Laughter Yoga is all about and the best thing is you can laugh for no reason for free! When is the last time you had a really good laugh?

Laughter Yoga was started by cardiologist, Dr Madan Kataria, in Mumbai in 1995 with five people and it has now grown to over 16,000 clubs in 72 countries worldwide.  We've all heard that laughter is the best medicine - well it's true and now science backs this up. 

My name is Susan Brown and I'm a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Associate Member of the Laughter Network. I founded the Bucks Laughing Club on 1st October 2011 in Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire and have been running it since then on a monthly basis for people to come and laugh together. All that's required is a willingness to laugh and a sense of playfulness.  It's an opportunity to leave the serious business of the world outside for an hour to enjoy fun and games. 

This is a chance to de-stress, re-energise and boost your immune system. Stress is the number one cause of illness today.

Most of us only breathe into the top 25% of our lungs leaving 75% of stale air in the bottom making us tired and depleted. Laughter Yoga utilises our abdominal muscles to expel that 75% allowing fresh oxygen in to energise our minds and bodies, release endorphins giving us that feel good factor and even helping us to look younger!

Scientific research shows that laughing helps reduce pain levels and benefits the healing process.

Please see the clip on What is Laughter Yoga and have a look at The Guest Book to see how much fun laughing with people can be and feel free to contact me if you'd like more info. The Bucks Laughing Club is a non-profit organisation.

Meantime, start laughing and start feeling better. Laughter is infectious - it works and it's fun!

Have a look at this clip - it's sure to get you laughing ...